The Young Talents

In this blog I will highlight some exponents of the rich spectrum of Swiss music linking them to the time they live in. I will start at the present with some young, undiscovered talents, then jump back twenty years and look at the great Swiss rock hits, and finally travel even further back to some of the true sources of Swiss music.

The group I present in this first chapter is an example of the refreshing attitude to experiment that is characteristic for many young and unspoilt performers. MadégrasDistinguishing for the time in which these kids grew up are the many digital and visual features that they are using making their songs a multimedia event. But Madégras does not spend its entire energy on the digital aspects but surprises with poetic (You never know if your mind is alright), and partly strange and fanciful (Fantasy) texts. Of course, this generation feels linked to the world and, not surprisingly, sings in English.

They all follow a regular paid work for making their livings and invest their leisure time and their money and their commitment into their music. The outcome is more than worth it!

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